MCM at the Circus

059 33 Montecarloseconda

Since a visit to the circus is a delightful and unforgettable experience for children of all ages, we decided to take our Munchkins on Sunday 21 of January to the 42nd International Circus Festival of Monaco, which is an incredible showcase of elite circus acts from all around the world.

Meeting at our lovely Munchkins Club, we were on our way to the circus in no time. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by amazingly funny clowns, and enjoyed the music and excitement preceding the beginning of the show. Needless to say that we bought tons of popcorn and water, which is an absolute ‘must’ for any circus and movie theater visit, right?

A marvelous musical performance marked the beginning of the show, and casted a magical spell on the audience, filled with joy and anticipation.  Each of the subsequent acts had everyone on the edge of their seats, children and adults alike. The awe-inspiring acrobatic acts fascinated our Munchkins tremendously, because they recognized some of the exercises, which they had previously learned and rehearsed during our weekly Gymnastic classes with Dan. Obviously our kids loved the various performances involving animals – in particular the tigress act – which raised lots of questions regarding the nature and habits of the beasts, how they were trained, and so forth. Naturally, our Munchkins team was delighted to nurture the inquisitive minds of our Munchkins, and to provide as much information as possible.

In short, our trip to the circus was not only fun, but also very engaging and educational. The kids not only learned a tremendous amount about the workings of a circus, but more importantly, witnessed the importance and value of coordination, teamwork, and problem solving as well as the benefits of concentration, discipline and persistence.

For all of us at MCM, it has been refreshing to switch it up, and do – once more – something exceptional with our Munchkins. We enjoy knowing that we helped create smiles, laughter as well as long lasting memories that will become wonderful stories told for many years to come, and we can’t wait to take our Munchkins on many more memorable, educational and joyous adventures in the very near future.