MCM Parterre gymnastics

We start ballet class from parterre (ballet) gymnastics.
Parterre gymnastics is mandatory at any stage of ballet training. For the children gymnastics on the floor is an excellent preparation for serious lessons and is the basis for further studies at the ballet. A balanced load helps to harmoniously develop the child’s physical qualities and strengthens the immune system. In my classroom, besides gymnastic exercises, i use elements of choreography and dance.
Then we work on the basis of posture. Careful strengthening of the back muscles while sitting and standing. I teach children the ability to keep a correctly straightened back for a certain period of time until it becomes a muscle memory and a graceful habit.
We do learn the ballet terminology, which is french names of ballet positions.
We do lots of special exercises “to hold” our hands, develop coordination, freedom and expressiveness of hands, because the hands are the decoration of the dance.
A separate set of exercises is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the legs, achilles, the ability to develop the foot line.
Children learn to listen, move and understand music, feel the rhythm. Particular attention is paid to rhythmics, which helps to feel the impulse of movement. When a child begins to understand music, it is easier for him to express his emotions and mood through movement.
I pay special attention to discipline.
At this stage of training disciplinary skills, children get ability to perceive information, be a responsible student and respect the teacher. Children learn to perform tasks with care and diligence. But discipline should not restrict the child’s inner freedom and revealing his creative potential. In my class we learn how to harmonize thoughts and actions. At the end of our class we have “free performance” where children can make their own little show using the classical ballet music to dance.