Gluten Free Rice Cookies Recipe


Gluten Free Rice Cookies Recipe!

This recipe is both Gluten free = GF
& Wheat Free = WF

Try this super recipe for gluten free rice cookies which can be cooked plain or add your own choice of flavouring 🙂

It’s a perfect recipe for children to help out with as a big advantage of a cookie dough made of rice flour is that there is no danger of overworking the dough as there’s no gluten.
Kids can press and prod and shape the dough without damaging it in any way.

On the flip side though, as with most gluten free baking , once the cookies emerge from the oven they require very gentle handling! Allow them to cool on a wire tray for at least 5 mind and store them flat in an airtight cookie tin or you will return to biscuit bits 🙂

Let’s cook and bake them!

200g soft brown sugar
200g butter at room temperature
2 free range eggs
1 tsp natural vanilla extract
450g rice flour
Flavouring of your choice options:

Lemon Zest & Poppy seeds (2 lemons 50g poppy seeds)

Chocolate Chip (150g chocolate chips or buttons)

Cranberry & Coconut (100g finely chopped dried cranberries & 100g desiccated coconut)

Easy Recipe for Chocolate Chip Rice Cookie

1. Turn the oven on to 180C, line baking trays and measure ingredients

2. Bowl A: cream butter & sugar

3.Bowl A: add eggs & vanilla and beat

4. Bowl B: mix rice flour and chocolate

5. Pour bowl B into bowl A and mix with wooden spoon

6. Make balls of cookie dough

7. Press them flat on baking tray

8. Bake for 20-25 minutes until golden

9. Leave for 5 mins on tray

10. Carefully move to wire rack to cool

Enjoy!! Yummy yummy & gluten free too 🙂