MCM Enjoy The Process


Five years ago, when I first started to develop programs and activity plans for MCM, I created a publication entitled The ABC of Process Art, which combined learning the ABC with process based art activities. However, back than most of our Munchkins were already a bit too old to fully enjoy this approach. Well, times have changed and the average age of our Munchkins is now 2 years. So, maybe it’s time to return to the roots?

Well, I recently came across this quote: education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but experience in the environment. (c)Dr. Maria Montessori

As a Montessori teacher as well as an art & science educator, I naturally love this quote because to me, it speaks to the idea that children don’t need to be told what to do. They need to be given rich, enticing, challenging experiences to explore and engage in.

See, “When children explore art ideas, they are testing possibilities and working through challenges, much like a scientist who experiments and finds solutions. Art allows children to make their own assessments, while also teaching them that a problem may have more than one answer. Instead of following specific rules or directions, the child’s brain becomes engaged in the discovery of “how” and “why.” via MaryAnn Kohl

And let’s not forget, children are capable beings that given the opportunity will continue to raise the bar on their own learning and development.

Given above, I have decided to do away with my thematic art activities for a while, and just let our Munchkins paint, glue, cut, stick, built and assemble to their hearts content. This doesn’t mean that they won’t learn anything – quite the contrary: Tots and kids alike will explore a myriad of art materials, supports and techniques. However, the process will be certainly more important than the product 😉

Even though the development of this new approach will take a bit of time, I am confident that our Munchkins will truly enjoy this new program.