International Earth Day


This week we will celebrate International Earth Day, which falls every year  on the 22 of April.  The first Earth Day in 1970 marked the beginning of the modern environmental movement. A US Senator from Wisconsin created this day to create awareness of the environment and how we treat nature. Today this day is celebrated as an international event in 193 countries with events that show that science and research will help to make the world a better place and help keep our environments alive with different plant and animal species also for the next generations. There are so many things one can do to help us all make a difference and help the environment and the whole of the World! Each one of us has an affect on the environment through all our actions or even by simply living as we do. We use electricity and water, use of transport such as cars, busses and airplanes to go to school or work. Remember that also by eating the food we need for surviving we all affect our environment, as that food is planted and harvested, transported to a store near you by big trucks who also pollute the environment. The waste we produce and the way we dispose of our waste is creating many problems. Even in the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean, the deepest point on earth, scientists recently found plastic bags and beer cans! What a scary finding! So remember: Reduce – Recycle – Reuse