National Elephant appreciation day


National Elephant Appreciation Day is observed every year on September 22. People of all ages are fascinated by elephants.  They are larger than life and profoundly intelligent animals.  The average lifespan of an elephant is 60 to 70 years, and they develop remarkably close family bonds.  They are very playful animals who love to frolic in the water.  Elephants are herbivorous animals who will eat almost any type of plant from grass to trees.  In captivity, they are also very fond of cabbage, lettuce, bananas, apples and many other types of fruits and vegetables. Created in 1996 by Mission Media, a graphics and publishing company, the day’s origins are largely based on owner Wayne Hepburn’s personal fascination with elephants. His interest, in turn, began when he received an elephant paperweight as a gift from his daughter. Despite its somewhat amusing back story, the day has received some official recognition. That said, elephants are certainly worthy of some appreciation from all of us. They are, after all, the largest land mammals in the world and sadly, many species of elephants face the threat of extinction, due to environmental factors and the ivory trade. So what should you do to celebrate Elephant Appreciation Day? Well, just about anything elephant-themed. A trip to the zoo, a family viewing of Dumbo – the possibilities are endless. Enjoy!