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Munchkins Club Child Development Philosophy

At the Munchkins Club on the cote d’Azur, we focus on developing your child’s unique personality. All the activities we offer are designed to lay the foundations and develop your little ones personality.
On any given day, our regular changing activities including arts & crafts, music, dance, cooking and games occupy and engage the children to give them continuous opportunities to develop their self-esteem and personality along with learning, making new friends and of course having fun !

A welcome awaits you!
Our multilingual team would be delighted to give you a tour around the club’s facilities as well as to tell you about our approach to fun and education.

The Munchkins Club is divided into specific hobby areas, where either a child or a grown-up will find something of his/her own.
Children will definitely enjoy the physical area. Here one can find interesting toys and sporting facility with the trampoline. We offer a dedicated room for judo and ballet classes. Sporting and dance classes help to strengthen health and to form a posture.

We also offer art group sessions. Experienced teachers teach the kids fundamentals of art. They will help kids of all ages to understand how to recognize the form, the color, texture, learn to combine colors and paints.

The kitchen lab cannot wait to welcome young members, where we combine fun with practical cooking lessons.

Not every parent can give his/her child professional-level skills in design, engineering, gardening, Ping-Pong, capoeira an give their child an opportunity to express themselves fully, at Munchkins this is what we do best.

We pay particular attention to the development of kids’ communication skills; therefore, we arrange regular playing contest, which contribute to teamwork skills and give an opportunity to demonstrate his/her personal capabilities.

We also like to organize celebrations, as it is easier and more interesting to learn in an atmosphere of joy. Celebrating holidays of the World’s nations helps the kids to get a better insight of their own culture and cultural peculiarities of the other nations.

Memorable Birthday

Birthdays are a wonderful opportunity to spend a good time with friends and take part in fun activities, which we can professionally organize. Creative animators will think out a genuine fairytale, our designers will decorate the room, plus we can organize catering! And finally the centerpiece of every birthday, the cake! We can organize delicious and healthy customized cakes. Decorations, invitations and games, everything will be tailored to your child’s

age, and each of your guests won’t leave empty-handed. You just need to choose the theme and discuss the details with the organizer.

We are looking forward to seeing all grown-ups and kids in our Munchkins Club.



Free atmosphere contributes to self-expression develops self-confidence, spontaneity, and stimulates child creativity and imagination. Our teachers will make every day of your munchkin look like a new one, offering interesting themes for each age group. The classes last from 20 to 40 minutes in such disciplines like art, handicrafts, history, cookery, theater, yoga.