Our child ballet programme has several key features, which magically transform kids into talented ballet dancers.
It consists of the following exercises:

  1. Free exercises, which are the basic element of every class. Regularity and practice trains kids’ physical stamina helping them to move to more complex exercises. Such exercises form physical platform for future professional ballet.
  2. Posture. Accent on the straight back and exercises for careful building of back muscles will help to form the childs’ correct posture. Eventually, keeping the back straight will become good habit.
  3. Exercises for arms and legs. Gradually, the teacher introduces the entire set of exercises for arms and legs. They will help to form and develop the muscles correctly and make them stronger. Exercises for legs make a positive effect on the Achilles tendon and legs’ line sculpture. Moreover, the set of exercises helps to improve coordination.
  4. Music. A sense of rhythm is an important element of ballet. Kids will learn to plunge into the sounds of music to catch its pulse. Recognition of the musical rhythm is followed by physical liberation and there appears to be an intuitive capability to reproduce feelings and emotions through movement.