The Montessori education system helps to foster the child’s self-reliance, to teach him/her how to make principal choices in his/her development independently. According to specialists, the method offers the best way to discover inner talents and predispositions of the child. The basic principle of the method is to give a child freedom of choice. Both guided and independent exercises are encouraged. The classroom is separated into several zones. For instance, depending on the age it may have a language or geographical, mathematical or natural science zone. For younger kids there are separate zones resembling the house areas, where the kids learn to clean their teeth, read, distinguish forms, etc.

Our exercises are led by an experienced specialist. The programme is designed in such a way that kids and parents (accompanying person) are practicing together. We are looking forward to see your children starting from an early age. Classes for the youngest, i.e. for the kids from 8 months to 2 years, are aimed to develop fine motor functions, as well as vital skills.