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About me

Mateea’s motherland is Romania. She was born and grew up in Bucharest. Her first creative abilities were developed there. But her professional carrier did not start from theater and stage.
Her first serious hobby was journalism. In 2009 Mateea graduated University in this specialty and began a successful career working on TV. She took part in TV show “Bad, but Good” and started to receive interesting TV job offers as an anchorperson, entertainer, presenter of weather forecasts, etc.
Concurrently with her TV job, Mateea starts to study theatre arts and activity at the famous Romanian TV and Movie Academy. The academy is famous in Romania for its graduates, who have become popular actors.
In 2014 Mateea became a student of an acting class in the most famous school of Los Angeles Ivana Chubbuck-Mandragora Studio. This period was the most impressive and captivating as she was lucky to take a course of the teacher, whose students were Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron and Jim Carrey. Mateea graduated summa cum laude and then chose to live in Monaco. Today Mateea is a full-fledged member of the Munchkins Club Team and is delighted to share her knowledge with children, helping them to develop their own acting talent. Theatrical lessons with Mateea are always impressive and memorable events for children.