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About me

Petra grew up in Germany. She is an established specialist with a more than 30-year experience in contemporary arts, graphics, advertising, as well as project management, communication and media.
After living in New York, where Petra managed her own gallery, as well as took part in restart of MoMA/PS1, she moved to Brussels, where she created and managed CCNOA, non-commercial Center for Contemporary Art up to 2010.
Petra has recently settled down in Nice and has made a decision to share her experience with younger generation.
Inspired by the ideas of Maria Montessori, Bruno Munari and Gottfried Honegger, Petra develops a lot of projects of creative art, design and cookery both for the youngest ones and for the adults.
Petra’s contemporary concepts are intended not only to stimulate imagination and spirit of our kids, but to give them basic skills to explore and develop their feelings, to see and to perceive independently. Everything mentioned above will give them the opportunity to grow confidently and successfully in this world.
Finally, “To see is a creative action. The one, who just watches, does not see. To see means to reflect, to perceive and to understand. The one, who just watches, does not know. To see means the creation of ties among all sense organs and in all senses…to make sense.” (Gottfried Honegger, Aphorismen, 2006).