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Welcome to Monte Carlo Munchkins Club

We are delighted to introduce you to a bilingual kid’s club, Monte Carlo Munchkins Club, where you can find many exciting activities for children in Monaco from 1-8 years old. Our philosophy is to create a truly engaging and enriching Learn-Through-PLAY environment


About us

We are delighted to introduce you to Monte Carlo Munchkins Club (MCM Club), a brand new children’s culture club for the most formative years in your child’s early life.

According to extensive research in early child development, human beings are never more open, sensitive or receptive to the cues coming from the environment from birth to age eight. Therefore we propose activities such as:

  • Music
  • Ballet
  • Gymnastics
  • Judo
  • Bicycle Training
  • Tennis
  • Arts&Crafts
  • Montessori Baby Lab
  • Science Lab
  • Origami

And for those who love to party and have fun we organise themed Disco and birthday parties.

Inspired by the growing phenomenon of private children clubs in London and New York, we have created Monte Carlo Munchkins Club, a haven for both young children and parents, in the heart of Monte Carlo. A peaceful, enchanting, safe place, that fosters children’s self-confidence, independence and stimulates their imagination.

So, while your munchkins are socializing with other children, playing or participating in our pre planned activities, you are free to enjoy breakfast, lunch or tea with friends in our beautiful lounge, which serves tasty, freshly-sourced, organic food and juices.

No matter what, our extensive spectrum of developmentally appropriate fun activities, inspired by the very best of Monte Carlo’s rich heritage and culture, ranging from Arts & Crafts, Storytelling, Cooking, Pretend Play, Nature, Science, Yoga, and Music, Dance. Together with our outstanding materials, which include beautifully crafted toys, games and more, your munchkins are guaranteed to find something inspiring and exciting to do at any given time of the day.

Monte Carlo Munchkin’s Club Facilities

Our new, beautifully designed, state-of-the-art facilities, is a pace away from the mediterranean coast, features different play and work areas that are equipped with child-sized tables and chairs, cushions and play stations for working on the floor. Sets of low shelves make toys, tools and materials easily accessible to all age groups.

Our MCM Club facilities feature the following:

  • Welcome Area with reception and cloak room
  • Practical Life & Sensorial Activities Area
  • Lego, Kapla, Blocks, Puzzles & Games Area
  • Arts & Crafts Area
  • Cooking & Kitchen-Science Area
  • Music & Dance Area
  • Storytelling & Relax Area with beautiful books for all age groups
  • Monte Carlo Munchkins Café & Lounge Area  for parents and children
  • Monte Carlo Munchkins Boutique
  • Birthday Party Organisation

Monte Carlo Munchkins Nanny Service

We offer up to 3 hours of on-site MCM Club Nanny Service for parents who need to run errands or simply want some time for themselves. However, we need 24 hours’ notice to arrange this service even though we may occasionally be able to offer it on request depending on staff availability.

How to join

A Monte Carlo Munchkins Club membership is valid for immediate family including grandparents and caretakers. In addition, you will receive a number of free passes annually for your friends and their children to enjoy MCM Club with you.

We propose several types of memberships:

The Premier Munchkins Membership

Annual membership will grant unlimited club access during MCM Club opening hours. The membership fee includes free admission to all MCM Club’s classes as well as 5 guest passes for your friends annually.

Fee 4400€/year

12 months subscription.

Munchkins Family

This is the ideal membership for families with 2 or more children. Annual membership will grant unlimited club access during MCM Club opening hours. The membership fee includes free admission to all MCM Club’s classes as well as 8 guest passes for your friends annually.

Fee 6800€/year

12 months subscription.

Traveling Munchkins

Annual membership will grant 35 club visits during MCM Club opening hours.

Fee 2450€/year.

Monte Carlo Munchkins day Pass


one child:

95€ per day

60€ per half day

two children:

170€ per day

100€ per half day

For your convenience, our sign up form is available for download and print


MCM Club is bilingual and we offer activities to all members throughout the day. All the activities are based in English language but our international teachers and entertainers speaks French, Russian, Italian and German. Children can join in at any given time without prior notice or reservation.

Fostering self-expression, self-reliance, and spontaneity to ensure that children’s creativity and imagination flourish, our team of highly qualified instructors will introduce your munchkins each day to a series of new themed, age-appropriate fun classes – usually lasting for 20 to 40 minutes –  featuring Arts & Crafts, Storytelling, Cooking, Pretend Play & Drama,  Yoga, Music & Dance and more. Please view our MCM Club program for a complete list of activities.

Ages 1 to 3

During these first years, children experience huge thinking, learning, social, and emotional changes that will help them explore their new world, and make sense of it.

The wonderful fact about young children is that we do not have to teach them to be curious. They are curious by nature and interested in the world. Our job is to channel and encourage that curiosity through age-appropriate activities. Our 1 to 3 year old’s program has been designed to help children build self-confidence and body awareness through exciting movement games and activities engaging balance and strength that will develop their muscle control, agility and coordination.

Their desire for independence and knowledge of their environment along with the development of their verbal, social and fine motor skills are expanded through practical life and sensory activities, explorative and manipulative activities such as block building, beading, puzzles, matching & shape-sorting games as well as imaginative art projects. Pretend play, music & singing, storytelling and reading further build children’s literacy base and provide our little ones with plenty of opportunities to express their emotions and to delve into the world around us.

Activities schedule


Monte Carlo Munchkins Events

Highly talented guest entertainers from the world of theatre, circus, music and art will join us at our special MCM Club events to work their magic and to create truly memorable experiences for munchkins and parents alike. We will notify you with the MCM Club newsletter about all upcoming events and news.

Monte Carlo Munchkins Birthday Parties

Do you need an exciting idea for your child’s next birthday party? ‘Piece of cake’ – with one of our delightful, themed MCM Club B-Day Parties. Our  all-inclusive B-Day Packages comprise beautiful custom-made invitations & decorations,thrilling age -appropriate activities, delicious homemade birthday cakes or cup cakes, healthy nibbles & tasty lunch snacks as well as a special treat for the birthday munchkin and a goody bag for each of the guests. All you need to do is choose a theme that suits your child’s personality, breathe-in, breathe-out, and our dedicated party designer will take care of the rest!

Monte Carlo Munchkins Café

Monte Carlo Munchkins Organic Café, offering only the highest quality freshly produced organic juices, shakes and guilt-free pastry options free of gluten, sugar and lactose. And of course healthy children’s snacks.

Monte Carlo Munchkins Boutique

Monte Carlo Munchkins Boutique offers unique and practical products for children. Here you can find beautifully crafted gifts, clothing and accessories.


We are happy to let you know that the Munchkins Club is now open every day with a new menu at its bar, new designer clothes in its shop and new activities.

Get in touch

Please contact us to discuss membership on

+ 377 97 77 50 51

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Our address

Monte Carlo Munchkins Club
Ni Box 1st Floor
35, Bd Louis II
Rond Point du Portier
98000 Monaco

Opening hours

Monday-Saturday: 10am - 6:30pm
Sunday: 10am - 5:30pm