About us

Monte Carlo Munchkins kid’s Club

We are delighted to introduce you to Monte Carlo Munchkins Club (MCM Club) a children’s culture club, for the most formative years in your child’s early life. 

No matter what, our extensive spectrum of developmentally appropriate fun activities, inspired by the very best of Monte Carlo’s rich heritage and culture, ranging from Arts & Crafts, Storytelling, Cooking, Pretend Play & Drama, to Nature & Science, Yoga, Sport activities Music and Dance. Our team of professionals with outstanding materials, which include beautifully crafted toys, games and more, your munchkins are guaranteed to find something inspiring and exciting to do at any given time of the day. 

MCM Club is a peaceful, enchanting, safe place, that fosters children’s self- confidence, independence and stimulates their imagination.

Our philosophy is to create a truly engaging and enriching Learn-Through-Play environment. 


Memorable Birthday

Birthdays are a wonderful opportunity to spend a good time with friends and take part in fun activities, which we can professionally organize. Creative animators will think out a genuine fairytale, our designers will decorate the room, plus we can organize catering! And finally the centerpiece of every birthday, the cake! We can organize delicious and healthy customized cakes. Decorations, invitations and games, everything will be tailored to your child’s age, and each of your guests won’t leave empty-handed. You just need to choose the theme and discuss the details with the organizer.

We are looking forward to seeing all grown-ups and kids in our Munchkins Club.

Originally from Siberia, Svetlana studied Economics and Finance at Russian University of Transport and always dreamt of having her own children’s club one day. When she moved to Monaco in 2015, her dreams came true when she acquired Monte Carlo Munchkins Club in February 2016. 

Munchkins is the only private children’s club in Monaco and it offers the very best care for young children. As owner and manager, Svetlana leads a team of dedicated and passionate teachers who are driven to provide each child with the very best experiences as they take their early steps into the world. 

With two children of her own, Svetlana is able to witness first hand the benefits of Munchkins Club, from their friendships to their confidence. She has been obsessed with music since an early age. In fact, Svetlana won multiple singing competitions including the prestigious Golden Gramophone Award whilst she was living in Russia.


Director and Owner

Of Bulgarian nationality, Bobby Georgieva holds a Master's degree in Tourism and Hotel Activities Management from the University of Nice Sophia- Antipolis.

From 2006 her professional career developed in the luxury hotel sector.

Passionate about children, organized, with a keen sense of communication with experience in team management, in January 2015 Bobby joined Monte Carlo Munchkins Club to take up a new challenge.


Alina is a highly experienced and trained teacher. She has an Early Years Education University Degree, a Foreign Languages University degree and she is as well a certified Montessori teacher.

Alina’s work has also been inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy and the Snoezelen approach for a multi-sensory stimulation meant to allow the children to explore and use all their five senses. 

Alina is passionate about education since a young age as her grandfather was a school principal and she has an extensive experience as a teacher having worked for many years in prestigious international and Montessori schools in Monaco, France, Milan. 

The love for children is at the foundation of Alina’s work and her belief is that each child embodies a unique and wonderful personality. Her deep academic and practical knowledge of child psychology and behaviour enable her to easily communicate with children, transmit knowledge, and encourage their pleasure of learning. 

Alina is a polyglot, she speaks fluently English, French, Italian and Romanian. She has a high empathy while being very sociable and well-organized. 

Alina’s aspiration is to see the little ones grow into adults who are happy, independent, and responsible. When children receive a strong foundation-quality education coupled with a commitment to provide a loving environment, they stand an excellent chance of reaching their full potential as human beings, ready to take on challenges that will come their way!


Art Director & Montessori teacher

Originally from Russia, Alona graduated from the Technical Institute of Makeup in Paris and was an animator at the "Récrés du Bon Marché" in Paris for 4 years. She is passionate about Art and leveraging children's creative and personal development. She is children's makeup artist since 2022.

Her approach is "Learn- Through – Play".


After studying Art and Litterature, Aurélie gratuated from A-Level and pursued her studies with a Bachelor’s degree of Arts in Bible and applied Theology from Wales University,and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a major in Sciences of Education. She also studied early years teaching in a master degree at Nice University. Strong of these solids academics foundations, Aurélie tends to sustain children’s development by using the Maria Montessori, Pikler and Slow pedagogy principles. She constantly observes the children to provide a stimulating environment for the motor and intellectual developments. She attaches importance to respecting the rhythm of the child and to highlight the Know-how. She worked has educator and teacher with babies, toddlers and children with autism disease. She always shows enthusiasm and gladness in her work; with children, « humility and patience » is her leitmotiv. Also, Aurélie greatly values parenting support and loves to share with families. And she always learn and improves her knowledges through continues education.


My name is Maylis, I graduated from B A F A, having already worked in a leisure center for several years, where I acquired my experience with children.

I am very attentive in order to understand the needs and desires of everyone and to be able to carry out activities in the best conditions. Patience being one of my strengths at work, I would like to continue to exercise my skills in early years education.


The ballet teacher Daria Kann introduces a ballet program, which is fully adapted for children of an early age. When a young girl, she understood that her love with ballet was not just an ordinary hobby, but a dream, which she had to turn into reality.

She successfully entered the choreographic institute in Georgia when she was 10. After graduation in 1990 she began her career as a ballet dancer. But Daria did not stop at what she accomplished and continued to master her skills. Having worked in the Moscow State Academy of Choreography from 1990 to 1995, in 1998 she continued her education in the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts in Moscow.

One of the most vivid impressions in Daria’s life was her joint work with Jean-Paul Goude. It was the Lindt chocolate commercial, which was shown on the national TV. Today Daria Kann is ready to share her professional experience, and in particular she likes working with kids, as it gives an opportunity to discover their inner potential.

We are proud of this experienced and talented teacher.

Ballet teacher

While being a professional fitness trainer, I was always looking to develop myself spiritually and I studied Yoga in India, becoming Hatha Yoga Instructor for adults. 

My love to children and Yoga inspired me to become Yoga teacher for children. It was in Paris in 2021 that I trained and received my diploma. 

Working with children is happiness to me! 

I believe that is very important to initiate children into the physical and spiritual values of Yoga from the very young age. It learns not only listen to our body, but also concentrate ourselves on the feelings and senses, and hear our hearts.


Holder of a Bep health and social career, she always wanted to make her professional life with children from a very young age. Her first internships were at 15 years old and she never stopped evolving with the child in center airy, in a nursery and as a mother of 3 children.... she likes to share Art works, different supports and materials in order to open the child's mind. She is patient, playful, caring and she strives to maintain a climate of trust with families and children.